Mosaic Craft

Planning a bespoke mosaic can be a daunting task for even the most experienced person.

SR Mosaics can install all Bespoke art mosaic from major manufacturers and if required can supply mosaic to client’s drawings as well as assisting in planning, preparation of suitable subfloor or background and in the supply and installation of hand cut glass or marble mosaic manufactured by mosaic workshops abroad.


Mosaic Restoration

Our background in restoration of mosaic started long ago with the rescue of Roman Mosaic in Britain and the rescue and restoration of hand painted Victorian tiles from pubs and public buildings and it ‘s a field we also take great pleasure working at ; bringing back to life and to its timeless beauty an old mosaic that has been neglected or even lost for over a century under a layer of concrete is probably one of the most gratifying aspect of our work.

We carry-out the cleaning of the mosaic, sourcing the matching material and repairing missing tiles or tesserae or part of damaged floor, washing ingrained dirt, sealing and protecting it with the appropriate product bringing it to its original beauty.